Classical Nostalgia


I used to play the cello back in school and also play the piano as a hobby. Music theory always put me off so I used to wing my way through lessons by memorising the songs and pretending to read the score lol. As a result, I had a tendency to play songs I like but now I regret not paying more attention and learning properly in order to progress. Listening to classical music and watching performances always bring a pleasant form of nostalgia and I wish to pick it up again when I start working and can afford lessons.

Here are some classical versions of popular songs I've discovered recently:

I'm not sure if this is a cover of anything but I've always had a soft spot for it:

If you like these then there are also more I uploaded previously here.

The following links are covered by St. Martin's Symphony of Los Angeles:
• They did an interesting take on 'Poker Face' . It almost sounds like an epic film soundtrack, hehe.
String version of Metallica's 'Nothing Else Matters'. Sounds so beautiful~
Orchestral version of 'S.O.S.', ABBA starts off well but gets a little cheesy afterwards.

I could spam this post with so many vids but I'll stick to interesting covers for now to keep it nice and organised. ;)

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