Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability


I really enjoyed this talk by Brene Brown and thought I'd share it here:

I also agree with a lot of Sir Ken Robinson's talks on education. My experiences in education have been disappointing but I'm trying to put it all behind me so I can move on.

They're linked here anyway, should anyone be interested. They're definitely worth listening to:

Fame Monster


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I love how Lady Gaga always has a really strong (and varying) silhouette in her costumes. It's something that's very important in character design and it's cool to see that incorporated into popular culture.

I also like that she's classically trained and how genuinely happy she looks when performing. She's completely engrossed in the music and I find that admirable. :)

Update: 31/03/11

Update: 18/05/11




This is a personal visual diary for and about me and only me. After all the dark times life throws at you it's good to have something to keep you going and look forward to, so I've decided to log all of my favourite things into a little book. Computers are great and I have tonnes of links and pictures saved but it's not the same as having something physical to hold, to play and to bond with.

I don't expect this to interest many people since it's mainly for myself, but I thought the idea might inspire people to have a similar outlet - even if they didn't think they needed it. :)

This is me/Me.

^ I've been on a bit of a dress-buying spree lately!

^ I like the colour combinations in this Juicy Couture ad.

^ The patterns used in the beads look Norse...

The front cover and blog banner hasn't been sorted out yet but I'll upload those when I get round to them.

I've no idea how regular updates will be for this but it's a start at least! I want to fill it with positive, inspirational things that aren't too serious. Life's too short, un' all that jazz~ ;)